Steven Soderbergh planned to make six seasons of ‘Knickerbocker Hospital’

Director Steven Soderbergh said he originally planned to create six seasons of the series Knickerbocker Hospital. As a result, the project lived two, after which it was closed, however last year the show was suddenly revived. True, the original concept of continuation was still different.

If the new version of the third season continues the story of Dr. Elgernon Edwards, then according to Soderberghs original plan between seasons 2 and 3 should have passed 50 years.

The events unfolded after World War II with new characters and actors, and the fifth and sixth season would talk about the near future. At the same time, recent seasons involved actors from previous — but in new roles.

The fate of the updated third season remains in question – Soderbergh has already seen the script of the pilot, which is in the hands of HBO, but whether the concept will grow into a full-fledged sequel is unclear. More on Gambling The Marvel animated series about the villain M.

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