Still case in El Salvador about the murder of four IKON journalists

In El Salvador, a lawsuit begins about the murder of four Dutch journalists, exactly 39 years ago on Wednesday. That‘s what the sister of one of them, Sonja ter Laag, reports on Twitter.

โ€œ17 March 2021, on the day my brother and his 3 colleagues were murdered 39 years ago, the case is reopened in El Salvador and Reyes Mena, who ordered them to kill, is charged,โ€ she writes. According to UN investigators, Colonel Mario Adalberto Reyes Mena of the Salvadoran government army was behind the murder.

The case is dealt with by a court in the department of Chalatenango. There the four Dutch people, Koos Koster, Jan Kuiper, Joop Willemsen and Hans ter Laag, ambushed the Batallรณn Atonal on 17 March 1982 and were shot. The Ikon journalists worked on a report on El Salvador’s lingering military and government conflict with the left-wing guerrilla movement FMLN.

The fact that a lawsuit is brought about was made possible by the repeal of a 1993amnesty law which made it impossible to prosecute the military.