Still exodus Dutch from La Palma after El Paso volcano eruption

Travel company TUI will pick up the 79 Dutch holidaymakers from La Palma on Thursday, who were unable to get away from there a day earlier. Their flight had to be postponed due to the volcanic eruption on the Spanish island. Ash particles in the higher layers of air could cause problems with aircraft.

Holidaymakers spent an extra night in hotels on Thursday on Thursday. Weather conditions are better on Thursday, so theres a flight on the way to La Palma to pick up the travelers. Other holidaymakers who want to abort their trip earlier can also come back to the Netherlands. TUI will no longer bring holidaymakers to the island for the rest of the week, where lava flows from a volcano for the fifth day in a row.

Dozens of travelers were evacuated from Sol La Palma hotel on Monday, which is located in the lava-affected area of the island. Access roads were blocked. Because some travelers were elsewhere on the island, their belongings could not be taken. These are not back on Thursday and is unclear when this will succeed, as local authorities are not allowing traffic in that part of the island yet, TUI said. These holidaymakers are already back to the Netherlands, or fly back on Thursday.

Holidaymakers who have a trip to the Spanish island can leave later or choose a different destination, according to TUI. Some holidaymakers choose to finish the holiday on the western part of La Palma, others are delighted to Tenerife neighbouring island.

Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted on Sunday, after thousands of earthquakes had already been reported in the previous days. Lava flows have destroyed hundreds of buildings on the Canary Island off the Moroccan coast in recent days. Authorities evacuated thousands of residents. There were no fatalities as far as known.

Mayor Sergio Rodriguez said on television this week that a new lava flow has emerged at Cumbre Vieja volcano. It erupted on Sunday and spit lava hundreds of metres into the sky. La Palma was already shocked by thousands of earth shocks in the days before the eruption.

Poison Cloud

When the lava reaches the sea, there is a high probability of releasing toxins. If the hot lava comes into contact with the water, explosions may occur. There may also be a cloud of poison, where chlorine can be released, among other things. For that reason, a coastal strip over a length of about eight kilometers is cleared.

Earlier the expectation was expressed that the lava would reach the sea around 8pm on Monday night, but that did not happen. According to experts, the volcano emits less lava, which slows down the flow rate.