Still no clarity about planned pricks with Janssen

Minister De Jonge van Health does not yet know whether the puncture agreements with the Janssen vaccine can continue from next Thursday. At the press conference of the Cabinet, he said that he can not yet give an answer on this. First it is necessary to clarify whether the drug is sufficiently safe.

Today, the manufacturer announced that the delivery of the Janssen vaccine in Europe is temporarily postponed, after a number of cases of a rare type of thrombosis have occurred in the US.

But the Netherlands has now received about 80,000 doses. They would be used as of next Thursday to vaccinate health care personnel. Whether this continues, De Jonge wants to depend on opinions from the College for Evaluation of Medicines (CBG) and the European Medicine Agency (EMA). At the press conference De Jonge said that he expects more clarity about this tomorrow. However, the CBS said that it could not say anything about this tomorrow.

The RIVM assumed earlier this evening that from next Thursday it will be possible to prick. โ€œAs long as no new decision has been taken, the last decision will apply,โ€ said vaccination director Jaap van Delden at a press briefing.

He also said that it is โ€œpremature to assume the total loss of Janssenโ€.

Nevertheless delay by stop AstraZeneca

Meanwhile, there is also the problem with the Astrazeneca vaccine. The decision to use this vaccine only for people over 60 affects other groups that would initially be vaccinated with that product.

This is a group of about 1 million people under 60 with a medical risk, who are also called for a flu shot every year. Its gonna take longer before they all get their first shot, as it turned out at the briefing.

It is planned to start vaccinating this group in early May, but it will take three weeks longer for everyone to get the first shot. Which vaccine they receive has yet to be determined.

According to Van Delden, it is true that these people get their second shot faster, that puncture round should be completed five weeks earlier. That means they have full protection before, said Van Delden.