Storage Dutch ship off Norwegian coast suspended due to bad weather

Probably Boskalis cannot start today with the salvage of the Dutch freighter that got into trouble off the Norwegian coast at the beginning of this week. Two tugs hired by the Dutch salvage company have now arrived at the vessel, the Eemslift Hendrika. That‘s about 50 kilometers off the coast. But today’s weather is too bad to take action.

Seven employees of Boskalis are in Alesund, Norway. They will be flown by helicopters as soon as the weather permits. Some employees have to be dropped off on one of the drawers and the others at the Eemslift Hendrika itself. The intention is to establish a connection and drag the ship to calmer water.

Earlier today, there was an inspection flight to the Eemslift Hendrika.

Boskalis says it looks like the ship‘s engines have failed. โ€œIt floats and floats towards the coast.โ€ According to the spokesman, it could sail on the coast or walk on the ground within 12 hours, although this is difficult to predict due to the wind direction and the current. โ€œWe don’t know how the ship will move through the night.โ€

Crew off board

The ship, which is more than 110 meters long, had to deal with a sliding load on Monday morning, which made it inclined over and was no longer well controllable. After a distress signal was issued, a rescue operation started. Initially, eight of the twelve crew members were disembarked with helicopters of the Norwegians.

The captain initially stayed behind with three others on the Eemslift Hendrika, but because the risk was considered too great, they were later removed from board.

One of the crew members jumped into the water to make picking up easier:

The Eemslift Hendrika is owned by Amasus Shipping in Delfzijl. It was from Bremerhaven in Germany on its way to Kolvereid in Norway.

The ship is rented by Starclass Yacht Transport, which transports ships from the Mediterranean to Northern Europe. In Bremerhaven it had already unloaded part of the cargo. At the time the Eemslift Hendrika ended up in bad weather, the cargo consisted of seven sailing yachts and fishing vessels.

Jan te Siepe, owner of Starclass Yacht Transport, has good hope that the Eemslift Hendrika can be dragged to shore tomorrow morning. โ€œI understand that the weather will get better.โ€ The damage to Te Siepe seems to be too easy. โ€œNone of our cargo is lost. A fishing boat has slipped off the deck, but it is now floating into the sea and being dragged loose to the side.โ€

According to correspondent Rolien Crรฉton, knocking a part of the cargo overboard is a lucky one in an accident. The Eemslift Hendrika has therefore become less unstable.

Boskalis was previously responsible for detaching the stalled container ship in the Suez Canal.

On the image of the coast guard of Norway, the green ship transporting the Eemslift Hendrika has been disembarked: