Storm depression Odette is heading towards Zeeland

Storm depression Odette is approaching our country and coming to Zeeland. According to, the northwest wind on the Zeeland coast is attracting to wind force 8 to 9 and this evening heavy gusts of wind occur from 90 to 110 kilometers per hour. Local rainfall is expected.

Also deeper in the province of Zeeland it is very impetuous. Numerous showers migrate over the southwest of the Netherlands. According to, some weather models predict locally up to 100 millimeters of rain in the next 24 hours. That amounts to more than the amount of rain that would otherwise fall in a month. Also in Brabant and Limburg there may be showers.

Should wind force 9 be measured at a KNMI station for a longer period of time, it is officially the first autumn storm of this year. Not only in Zeeland it is impetuous, but also on the coast of South Holland it blows hard to stormy (force 7 to 8). Thats where the wind will lie again in the next few hours. In the north and northeast, it is dry with clearances and there may even be fog.

Tonight, according to, almost nothing changes. In Zeeland it is very impetuous, but in the northeast there is no wind and fog banks can form. While it does not get colder than 11 degrees in Zeeland, the mercury in Groningen, Drenthe and Twente can drop to 3 degrees and there it can freeze a little bit on the ground.