Story of Seasons heroes: Pioneers of Olive Town will be able to ride wolves

The Story of Seasons series, which until recently called Harvest Moon, will soon debut on the Nintendo Switch. To do this, Marvelous and publishing house Xseed Games have assigned a new part, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. All games in the series are built according to the same principle: players will have to settle in the middle and equip their own farm there, along the way making friendship with the inhabitants of the neighboring village, which can result in a novel and the creation of a family.

In Pioneers of Olive Town players are waiting for even more options for customizing the appearance of the character and farm. In the salon of the town of Olivkino you can change the hairstyle, facial features and even skin color, as well as change clothes by season.

The place of the heroes of Pioneers of Olive Town at first looks like a modest canopy, but gradually on this place you can build a huge mansion. Customize and remake will allow each cell of the farm, choosing buildings, cultures, animals and decorations.

On the farm you can settle cats or dogs and even take them to participate in the annual pet races. To get to the derby on time will allow new modes of transport: a motorcycle and a hand wolf.

And two new trailers developers dedicated to the inhabitants of Olivino, with whom you can create a family. Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is released on Nintendo Switch on March 26.

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