Story supplement Hivebusters for Gears 5 released on Xbox and on Steam

Microsoft released Gears 5: Hivebusters โ€” the first story addition in the history of Gears of War, accessed free of charge by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The passage of the new campaign will take about three hours, and the protagonists will be fighters of hives, who have to perform a suicidal mission. In the course of the story, characters will be able to pump their skills, and players – earn new achievements.

Separately, Microsoft Store extension sells for $20, while on Steam there are regional prices – DLC can be bought for only 435 rubles. In addition, today Gears 5 is re-released to edition โ€œGame of the Yearโ€, which includes Gears 5 and Hivebusters, as well as a set of characters for multiplayer from Halo: Reach and speed up the experience for 30 days.

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