Storyline events and the sixth season – Sea of Thieves authors revealed plans for 2022

Sea of Thieves developers have published a large video in which they shared their plans for the development of the game for 2022. For starters, the authors plan to add storyline content to the game in the form ofโ€ Adventuresโ€ and โ€œMysteriesโ€. These events will be limited in time and will last at least two weeks.

At the beginning of each adventure, a cinematic trailer will be shown – an example can be seen below. will last three weeks, and the events that unfold in it will be able to influence the world of Sea of Thieves.

It wont be long โ€” the first Shrouded Islands adventure begins February 17. As forโ€ โ€œPuzzlesโ€, then their plot will revolve around finding clues and solving various puzzles.

For example, in the first such event, players will have to solve a murder. The developers recalled that in March, the sixth season starts with new battles – the capture of Sea Forts, which will be guarded Phantoms.

Players will have to fight ghostly enemies, collect keys, explore the environment and collect valuable loot. The second half of Season 6 brings new content to Pirate Legends.

Players will find a variety of story missions that change with each new voyage, and an exciting treasure hunt for special maps. And a little bit about sad: the developers of Sea of Thieves have decided to to abolish the Arena mode in the coming months โ€” unfortunately, it was not as successful as planned.

The authors noted that there are still some pleasant surprises waiting for fans of the game. Below you can find the roadmap for the current year.

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