Strand Larsen: “You cant say no for such an opportunity, then something is wrong with you”

As a teenager, Jörgen Strand Larsen got the opportunity to prove himself to the big AC Milan. That adventure ended after just one season, but the Norwegian striker played back in the international spotlight at Sarpsborg in their own country and suddenly made a transfer to FC Groningen in mid-2020.
Sire Strand Larsen is a sports journalist and had the scoop. I‘ll never forget that moment. I was visiting my parents and my dad got phone. That happened continuously, because he works as a sports journalist. I only saw that this was a special phone call, said the 22-year-old striker talking to Voetbal International. Larsen Beach feared the worst for a moment. After a few seconds, he started laughing and shining happily. He hung up and told me the big news, which I almost fell off my seat. AC Milan, crazy stuff.
The then seventeen-year-old striker had no doubt for a moment. You can’
t say no for such an opportunity, then something‘s wrong with you. However, Larsen beach did not go further than the Primavera and returned to Norway after one year. AC Milan had rented me with a purchase option, they often do so with young players from abroad. That purchase option included a fixed amount, but Milan wanted to negotiate a lower price and Sarpsborg did not agree to that. For me, that was a bit bad, but I was able to live with it soon.
Beach Larsen picked up the thread again and was able to take the plane again in 2020. The transfer with FC Groningen came about just after an international match between Jong Oranje and Young Norway. What I didn’
t know at the time is that my agent outside of me had already arranged a lot with the club. He had kept that quiet for me, because he wanted me to focus on that international match. After that match, the monkey came out of the sleeve, in the form of a series of apps. Your transfer to FC Groningen is almost complete, was the last one. I was overjoyed but above all stunned. As a result, a day later, I was in Groningen with only a plastic bag.