Stranded whale in London is no longer rescuable and gets a shot

The whale that stranded last night in the English River Thames is getting a shot tonight. The animals injuries are too serious to heal, rescue workers say.

The whale got stuck last night at a lock southwest of London. Rescue services managed to free the whale, but a little later the animal got stuck in the river again.

โ€œ It is now low tide and the whale is likely to dry quickly,โ€ say the rescue workers of the British Divers Marine Life Rescue. โ€œIf that happens, veterinarians will put the whale out of suffering and euthanize it.โ€

According to British media, its probably a young minke whale. The rescue operation of the three to four metres long animal attracted a lot of public along the banks of the Thames.

They saw the whale stranded again after a previous rescue attempt:

According to the organization, the whale barely has the strength to swim and has suffered several serious injuries.

โ€œ Whales often beaches for the same reason, namely that they are already sick, weak or injured,โ€ says a spokesman for the organization to the BBC. โ€œAnd then we cant do much more.โ€