‘Strange justice’: Chris Avellon responds to harrasment allegations

A year ago, after IGN published an interview with legendary screenwriter Chris Avellon, allegations of sexual aggression, harrasment, undignified behavior and hardly any more pedophilia to the creator. And now Avellon himself has decided to answer them. According to him, it all started in 2012, in Atlanta, at a Dragon Con event โ€” or rather, outside him, at the bar.

The girl named Carissa was neither an employee nor a subordinate to Avellon, she didn‘t even work in the gaming industry and didn’t know who he was. She came up because he was putting a drink to all comers.

In the final of the gats, Avellon and two other screenwriters went to walk Carissa to her room. In front of the door, Chris tried to kiss her, she answered and for a while they kissed.

They did not enter the room as a neighbor was sleeping there, and soon just dispersed. After this innocent incident, Chris and Carissa continued to chat, correspond, and have fun.

But only kissed when he walked her on the train. Shortly after the scandal began, Carissa deleted about 60,000 of her tweets.

But nothing goes missing from the internet a year later, Chris and Carissa met again at the same convention. This time, there was Jackky‘s girlfriend with Carissa, and the girl suggested he hit after her.

Jackkey willingly responded, they spent the night together and continued to see each other and correspond. With Carissa they remained friends, met at different events, and Avellon helped her with employment.

Over time, the relationship with Jackkey stalled: she lived far away from Chris, he had little time, he didn’t plan to move on to something serious, though she obviously saw everything in a different light โ€” and shared her vision with her friends. Accordingly, Carissa‘s attitude began to spoil: she began to show hostility, and in September 2014 Avellon decided to stop communicating with her.

In June 2020, eight years after the fateful meeting at a bar, Carissa tweeted a long list of scriptwriter’s sins. After that, Avellon became a non-grata persona in the gaming industry: one after another, studios announced the dissolution of his relationship with him, and all his work was sent to help.

Avellon noted that time the attack was not randomly chosen Friday night. The companies didn‘t have time to sort it out, and some were not going to use it.

Meanwhile discussions circulated across social media all weekend. And on Monday morning, studios like Techland and Gato Salvaje rushed to declare a break-up of contracts.

You might surprise that I didn’t fight all this. But it‘s impossible.

And companies can’t fight the culture of abolition either, or they will be cancelled themselves. Companies cannot even state that they want to consider their decision without stating that they believe all charges,no matter how unfounded, even a hint of delay or a desire to find out details will be condemned and cancelled.

No one wants it cancelled, even if you have to turn away from someone you worked with for years. Chris Avellonscreenwriter admits he didn‘t want to make excuses and make his point at once, on hot tracks.

He wanted to let all the girls dissatisfied with him be heard because he understood how the culture of cancellation work. For the same reasons, he didn’t blame any studio that blacked out his writings, even though he was ill read about it โ€” especially the statement of Gato Salvaje, with whom he worked on The Waylanders and who was the initiator of that most ill-fated interview with IGn.

I should note that some the press never even approached me before starting to draw my own dark interpretation of events, but also to embellish it. The gaming press doesn‘t need to check the โ€œfactsโ€ at all: all it needs is to report that someone said something, or make assumptions, and the material is ready.

However, as soon as the press reports โ€œsomething like that, it turns into the same kind of confirmation as the results of the investigation, backed up by the facts โ€” and to my knowledge, no one has conducted it. Journalists didn’t have time, whether they didn‘t care what the truth turned out to be.

So everything they wrote is technically true โ€” someone said something. But this is an incredibly far cry from what happened on the dele.

Chris Avellonavellon admitted he didn’t listen to friends who advised not to apologise to anyone as he felt guilty Jackkies because of their breakup. But acknowledged their rightness when his apology Jackkey was instantly interpreted as an acknowledgment of Karissy.

He also did not resort to legal ways to clarify the situation because he believed that the legal system silences. Avellon, on the contrary, wanted Carissa, Kelly and the other accusers to tell them more, and then he would have answered.

But the practice showed that listening to him. A year later, Chris admitted he was wrong: the attacks on him were not a misconception or misunderstanding, it was a deliberately hostile action.

And now he is ready to defend. In two years of dating Avellon, Carissa has not had a single case of harrasment.

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