Strategic life simulator Siege Survival is released on May 18 on PC

Black Eye Games has decided on the release date for Siege Survival: Gloria Victis, a spin-off of the online role-playing game Gloria Victis. The strategic simulator of life in the besieged fortress will appear on May 18 on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG. Players will find themselves in a medieval city castle surrounded by enemies.

The walls of the fortress are protected by a handful of soldiers, and civilians have taken refuge inside. They need to hold out until the arrival of reinforcements, but in the process will have to make a number of difficult decisions.

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis – three main mechanics. The enemy will instantly seize the fortress if the soldiers cant fight, so they need to create weapons, arrows, medicine, food and armor for them.

Peaceful townspeople need a roof over their heads and hot food. Resources in order to create everything you need, will have to mine in night sorties to the looted city, trying to hide from patrols and return before dawn.

And all mined should be correctly disposed of, so that the besieged lasted another day. At the first time after the release of Siege Survival: Gloria Victis will be sold at a discount of 20%.

And to get acquainted with the game allows the updated demo version, it allows you to survive for the first seven days. More on Gamomania The turn-based role game Nadir took out on Kickstarter Awards CD Projekt: $28 million to management, 29.

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