Stray cyberpunk cat will still be released in 2022

Annapurna Interactive is still not ready to announce the release date for BlueTWelves Stray cyberpunk adventure. Originally announced for October 2021, the game was then postponed to early 2022, but at the end of this very beginning, we only learned that Stray will definitely appear before the end of the year. She has no news about Strays development.

However, I published a photo: the monitor is one of the game levels, and a real cat is watching him. And the developers hint that this is not the only cat that controls the process of creating the game.

However, the publishing house also has good news. Our main character, a cat lost in a huge cyberpunk city, will be able to perform typical cat actions.

In particular, dropping items and using sofas as scratching posts. However, not all parts of upholstered furniture are suitable for this.

You can! you can also contextually scratch couches, and theres other surprises pic. twitter.

com/mu7xSiethl— Annapurna Interactive (@A_i) March 10, 2022 More on Gambling Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Metro, Painkiller and Saints Row are no longer available in Russia This year League of Legends: Wild Rift will not be released on consoles The director of the protagonist took on Deadpool 3.