Stray, Spider-Man, Rust, Raft and The Forest are on the latest Steam chart

Once again, the top two places on the Steam chart, where goods and games are ordered by revenue for seven days, are occupied by Steam Deck and the cats adventure in the world of Stray robots. And Spider-Man pre-orders have returned to the third place again – gameplay screenshots with PC graphics settings have just leaked to the network. And thanks to the one that started the other dayโ€ Survival Festivalโ€ in the top 10 found a place for four games at once, largely built around survival.

We are talking about Rust, Raft, The Forest and Project Zomboid. In addition, Elden Ring and Grand Theft Auto V are again on the chart.

Charts from August 1 to August 7 Steam Deck; Stray; Spider-Man (pre-orders); Rust; Raft; The Forest; Elden Ring; Valve Index VR Kit ; Project Zomboid; Grand Theft Auto V. Charts from July 25 to July 31More on Gambling Insider: with the new Perfect Dark for PC and Xbox Series everything is very good Gameplay screenshots of Spider-Man have leaked the network โ€ for PC Marvel showed Daredevil in the latest shots of the series โ€œHulk Woman: Lawyerโ€.