Streamers protest ‘musical’ bans with voiceless broadcasts

Recently, streamers on Twitch have been unsweetened: they receive warnings and bans on the strangest occasions. Especially for those who stream the game: the presenters are blocked for the sound of the battle clock in the game, the noise of rain, ghosts or police siren. As Twitch explained recently, the service since May 2020 started weekly receive thousands of complaints about violations of DMCA, copyright law, and the lion‘s share of โ€œstrikesโ€ is made up of music content, especially background music during broadcasts.

content could avoid bans, they are given time to delete controversial records. But this is difficult to do for those who have been streaming for years: they have thousands of โ€œwaterโ€, and the Twitch functionality does not allow you to deal effectively with them, so you just have to remove perennial archival Record.

In protest against the โ€œcopywriting madnessโ€ streamers began to conduct broadcasts with a completely hushed sound of the game. Instead, they โ€œvoiceโ€ everything on their own: they squeak, sigh, simulate the sounds of shots and other effects.

Here’s the future of Twitch. A complete clean DMCA version of Resident Evil 2.

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com/Wecw68Towsโ€” DeadpirateBrandon – (@DeadPirateB) November 12, 2020Since Twitch has recommended that game audio and music now be muted.

I hope ya‘ll are prepared for the age of Drongo produced sound effects and music. Oh and we’re live with more Rimworld now!#stream #DMCA https://t.

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com/2ExxyPacpiโ€” BloodyDrongo (@TheBloodyDrongo) November 13, 2020 @kiyoshi_glaceon) November 12, 2020Streams of games like Beat Saber and Rocksmith look especially impressive: because of musical specifics, similar Streamers most risk breaking into a complaint, because the terms of use of each individual composition can be starkly different. I take the advice Twitch gave and muted my Rocksmith game AudioSounds pretty good I think! You so get a more realistic sweaty metalhead experience! pic.

twitter. com/74iamDNHK5โ€” Chainbrain (@RitualNeo is protesting the overzealous DMCA takedowns on #DMCASoundOff #dmca pic.

twitter. com/csehigmtukโ€” Kazun (#dmcasoundoff honorably, rhythm game streaming wouldn’t be the same without music, you know that, right? pic.

twitter. com/VNTW9MNLPTโ€” Pika (#dmca pic. twitter.

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