Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono to lead Fate/Grand Order creators

Last summer Capcom veteran Yoshinori Ono left the company, and now his new place of work has become known โ€” from May 1 he will become president and operating director of Delightworks. Studio most known by Fate/Grand Order – mobile role-playing game for Sony, which since its release in 2015 has managed to earn over 4 billion dollars. In Asia, this is a colossal hit, which is constantly in the tops by revenue.

Ono is best known for working on Street Fighter at Capcom, however he also managed to have a hand in Dino Crisis 2, Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Dead Rising and Resident Evil: Outbreak & Mdash; however, there he really only helped. On the launch of PS4, he also worked on Deep Down, but almost finished the project decided to freeze.

Then Ono released Street Fighter V, which at the start was scolded for a small amount of content. The reason for leaving, if leaks are to be believed, was Capcoms dissatisfaction with its vision for part six of the fighting game.

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