Strip through carnival in Brabants village because of corona

The carnival of C.V. De Pottebroakers in Geertruidenberg in the province of Noord-Brabant will not take place next year. The chairman of the foundation will put a stop to it because of corona. “It is a decision with a pain in the heart”, says Kees van Oosterhout.

Dancing with the neighbour

“With Carnival we celebrate and after three beers or wines you go dancing with the neighbour. That’s not possible now, so it’s also impossible to celebrate carnival. Unfortunately we skip a year”, he says to Omroep Brabant.

According to the chairman, it is not too early to make a decision for a party to be held in mid-February, because construction clubs were asking what to do. “The preparations for the floats for the parade are in full swing. That will cost a lot of time, money and energy for all the builders.” Van Oosterhout therefore thinks it is “not fair” to cancel the festivities at the last minute.

In addition, it is unclear whether associations such as C.V. De Pottebroakers in Geertruidenberg do receive a permit from the municipality. The reactions of carnivalists are predominantly positive, says the chairman. “Everyone is very sorry, but there is understanding for the decision.