Stripe by collective discount health insurance: ‘Cigar from own box’

The collective discount on the healthcare insurance will be abolished. Minister Tamara van Ark (Medical Care) will abolish the discount that insurers give to groups on the basic insurance. According to the VVD administrator, it is a cigar from your own box.

With the group discount, policyholders receive a discount if they take it out on a group-by-group basis, for example as employees of a company, members of a sports club or a patients association. The idea is that the costs are lower because of central service, administration and health promotion agreements, for example. Insured persons benefit from this through a lower premium.

According to Van Ark, this goes against the solidarity behind the system. In fact, the premium is often first increased for everyone, after which a certain group of policyholders receives that amount back as a discount. In this way, one group of insured persons pays for the discount of another group. Usually this is: sick people who pay for the discount for sent.


According to the Consumers Association, it is also a misunderstanding that collective insurance is always cheaper, as a person quickly insures himself through the collective for care he does not need.

Abolition, which does not start until 2023 at the earliest, has been on the way for some time. As early as 2016, the first research into the operation of the rebate was carried out. The House of Representatives has been calling for abolition for some time now. This year, Van Arks predecessors Bruins and Van Rijn already reduced the collective discount for basic health insurance from 10 per cent to a maximum of 5 per cent. Their hope was that the insurances would compete more on the content of their policy than on price. According to the current minister, this has happened only sparingly; a great deal of money is still going from sick to healthy via the reduction in basic insurance. That is why she wants to get rid of the rebate altogether.

Two out of three Dutch people have group health insurance. According to the Minister, the abolition of the discount will not affect the care premium. It will, however, reduce the supply of group insurance.

Group insurance may continue to exist on its own, as may discounts on supplementary insurance.