Stripe through ADE highlight Amsterdam Music Festival

The Amsterdam Music Festival, the biggest event of the Amsterdam Dance Event, is not going through. Concert organiser ALDA confirms a message from BNR about this. According to director Allan Hardenberg, the new coronavirus rules of the demissionary cabinet make it impossible to get the party financed.

Normally AMF is visited by around 35,000 people in the Johan Cruijff Arena. โ€œIts bizarre,โ€ says Hardenberg. โ€œAll over the world and in Europe, festivals take place as they used to be: America, England, Germany, Belgium, Romania. Only here in the Netherlands does the government keep telling us dead sparrows. They know rotten well that festivals with 75 percent occupation are not feasible.โ€

Hardenberg thinks the promises made by the demissionary cabinet on Tuesday night, that outdoor festivals can go on at full capacity again, hypocritical: โ€œThose outdoor festivals no longer exist. These have been skillfully flipped the neck in the last year and a half.โ€ Concert organiser MOJO also put together in the NPO2 programme Jan-Willem Start on Tuesday! that demissionary corona minister Hugo de Jonge seems to be a โ€œwar on danceโ€. De Jonge had asked MOJO to delete all dance events on Monday.

An ADE spokesperson informs that the city of Amsterdam will be inventoried in terms of options. โ€œThe fact that AMF is not going through does not mean that the entire Amsterdam Dance Event is off the track. AMF is part of ADE. It is extremely annoying for organizer ALDA that they have had to make this decision. With the measures now announced, we are sure to see opportunities to organise an ADE and we are now going to take stock of how to shape it with the municipality.โ€