Stubborn rumors: ‘Agnelli resigns Juve by Super League fiasco’

Andrea Agnelli, according to stubborn rumors, resigns as chairman of Juventus. Several English and Italian media report that the Super League fiasco is the reason for the Italian to quit.
The coverage is rather contradictory, because some media believe that Agnelli has resigned and others say that Juventus is still holding the president in the saddle. Certainly, the chaos around the new Super League is immense: earlier on Tuesday evening, United President Ed Woodward announced that he would stop at the club and indicated Manchester City to quit the project.

Talk in Italy is Agnelli has NOT resigned.
โ€” Miguel Delaney (@MiguelDelaney) April 20, 2021

In addition, Chelsea, Atlรฉtico Madrid and FC Barcelona also have doubts about the new plans and a consultation will soon be held in which to discuss whether and how the Super League can still be continued. The firm language of UEFA, FIFA, national unions and even Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to have been effective.
Meanwhile, the pressure on Florentino Pรฉrez, the President of Real Madrid, is increasing. The Spaniard is the great initiator of the elite plan and reportedly he would also consider submitting his resignation to De Koninklijke on Tuesday evening.

Andrea Agnelli resigns, too! #Juventus #SuperLeague
โ€” Constantin Eckner (@cc_eckner) April 20, 2021