Student opens fire at university Russia: at least 8 deaths

In the Russian city of Perm, a student has created a massacre on the grounds of the university where he studied. At least eight people have died and an unknown number of people have been injured, authorities say.

Here are the first images from Perm, a city just over 1100 kilometres east of Moscow:

According to the university, the shooter himself was also killed, but a Home Office Inquiry Committee contradicts that. A committee member tells Russian state news agency Ria that the offender is currently being treated in hospital. In an earlier statement, the committee had already reported that he was injured in his arrest.

According to Russian media, the shooter is 18 years old. On social media, images of him go around. It can be seen that he walks into the university grounds with a gun.

The images below are also widely shared, showing students and teachers jumping out the window:

Nothing has been disclosed about the shooters motive yet. According to Russian Telegram channel 112, he posted a written statement on the messaging platform for his action, from an account that has since been deleted.

The text states, among other things, that he had been preparing for the attack for a long time. โ€œIve been thinking about this for a long time, for years, and I realized it was time to do what I dreamed of.โ€

The text states that the boy had initially picked his former school as a target but changed his plan at the end of March. Then the university came into the picture.

โ€œAnger overwhelms me, I want to destroy everything in my path, leave as much pain as possible in this world,โ€ says in the students message, not a member of an extremist organization. He wouldnt be religious either.

See a screenshot of the shooters alleged statement below:

Earlier this year, there was also a fatal shooting incident at a school in the Russian city of Kazan. Seven students and two adults were killed when a 19-year-old former student opened fire.

As a

result of that shooting incident, President Putin promised to re-examine Russias firearms laws. In order to obtain a weapon permit for hunting, self-defense or sports, Russians had to meet multiple requirements at that time, such as undergoing medical and psychological tests.

Derailed Teens

According to correspondent Iris de Graaf, school shooting incidents were initially associated with the United States. โ€œBut by now, this has been the eleventh shooting at a school in Russia in the last seven years. This has become a topic that the authorities are now working hard on.โ€

In Russian media, shooting incidents are often set as the result of derailed teenagers, says De Graaf. โ€œThey would be lost and depressed, playing far too many Western video games and looking for radical ideas on the Internet. Thats why all sorts of laws have been passed in recent times to censor the internet more.โ€


the meantime, parliament has also passed a law which, among other things, increases the minimum age for gun ownership from 18 to 21 years, but those new rules are not yet in force. De Graaf: โ€œAlthough I think they will be stepping up the pressure after this shooting.โ€