Students take action in five cities at high room prices

Studentenvakbond LSVb and FNV Young & United are taking action this week in five student cities at the high rents for student rooms.

Today they start in Wageningen, where tents are set up. A board shows how much a room of the same number of square meters costs.

According to the initiators, 400 euros is a reasonable price for a student room, but in some cities prices of 700 euros per month and above are no longer an exception, said LSVB president Lyle Muns in the CCeit Radio 1 News.

High study debts

In the Netherlands there is a huge shortage of student housing and therefore private landlords and house milkers can drive up prices enormously.

“With the campaign we are trying to abolish the loan system, so that students can graduate without debts. You have to do something about those high rents,” says Muns. “A quarter of the students are in danger of graduating with a study debt that is higher than 40,000 euros

The students also go to Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Groningen and Utrecht. The day after tomorrow RTV Utrecht.