Students with coronak complaints may not always catch up with missed school exams

Secondary school students who have to stay at home because of cold complaints and therefore miss a school exam may in some cases not catch up with that test. This threatens to create a situation where sick teenagers still come to school, writes De Telegraaf.

LAKS school union has heard from dozens of pupils that they lack the right to a school exam or rechance if they are forced to stay at home because of the corona measures. โ€œFor example, if they have cold complaints, or are in quarantine because a member of the family has a fever or comes from abroad,โ€ said LAKS chairman Nienke Luijckx in the CCEit Radio 1 News. โ€œWeve all agreed on the coronare rules, its crazy that they can have such big consequences in school.โ€

Opportunity inequality

Due to the corona outbreak in March, many school exams have been moved to the beginning of this school year. Luijckx emphasises that many schools have arranged this well, but that is not the case everywhere. As a result, the inequality of opportunity increases, she fears. โ€œIts gonna matter which school youre in.โ€

The VO Council, the organisation of secondary schools, calls the state of affairs concerning school exams a serious focus. The council wants to prevent students with possible coronak complaints from coming to school to take a test.

According to a spokesman, the problem is not in itself a new one: even in non-coronation, it happens that, due to circumstances, pupils cannot participate in a school exam. If they have a valid reason, the school often provides an alternative. โ€œBut now, due to the corona measures, the scale of the problem may require extra attention.โ€

Think of alternatives

Education Minister Slob says schools should provide other opportunities if someone has to stay home because of complaints. โ€œI understand that it is quite difficult for some schools to come up with alternatives, but there is nothing else to do. Students should never feel forced. Health is above all else, and they too must follow the corona measures, so stay at home with complaints.โ€

In national measures for schools, he sees nothing. โ€œSchools are so different, it is not right to impose all of them the same rules if, in individual situations, they know much better.โ€

Slob says hes in touch about the situation with the LAKS. The VO Council also talks with the school union.