Stunt in the works: Bale may be leaving for the Championship

There is a good chance that Gareth Bale is taking a significant step back in his career. The Welsh left-footed is in talks with Cardiff City, which opens at England‘s second level. Bale’s agents told the BBC about that.
Cardiff City will go all-in for Bale and made him an offer. Whether it will come to this is still the question: according to the representatives of Bale, discussions are also being held with other clubs. What speaks to the club‘s advantage is that Bale was born and raised in Cardiff and that he has always expressed the ambition to return again. Now that Bale is transfer-free, that could just become a reality.
Bale recently announced his departure from Real Madrid. That club put a hundred million euros for him in 2013, but was unable to get the most out of it partly due to injuries. Bale reportedly made 600,000 euros a week in Madrid. That’
s more than the weekly salary of the entire Cardiff selection.