Sudan calls for mediation in conflict with Ethiopia over dam

Sudan calls for mediation from the US, the EU, the UN and the African Union in the conflict with Ethiopia over the Ethiopian dam in the Blue Nile. If Ethiopia unilaterally decides to fill the reservoir behind that dam, Sudan sees it as a threat to its national security, said the Sudanese Minister for Irrigation and Water Supply.

Ethiopia started filling the reservoir behind the Great Renaissance Dam last year, despite requests from Sudan and Egypt to first agree on its use. According to Ethiopia, the dam is crucial to the countrys economic development.

Sudan and Egypt fear that less water will flow to the Nile after commissioning, with all the consequences for agriculture and drinking water supply in these countries. In addition, the dams located downstream in Sudan may also be able to supply less or no electricity at all.

Ethiopia denied last year that filling had already begun, but satellite imagery pointed to the contrary.

What do residents of the countries think of the battle for the Nile? You can see it in this production: