Suez Authority does not dare to predict

Dredging operations at the container ship blocking the Suez Canal have cleared the rudder and stern. The President of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) Osama Rabei announced this.

Predictions about when the ship is drawn, he did not dare to do. Strong tidal movements and strong winds don‘t make it any easier, he said. He hopes that there is no need to remove containers from the ship to lighten it.

Hard winds

Evergreen’s Ever Given company was bored on a bank of the Suez Canal on Tuesday, just in the narrow part of the canal. With his back, he blocks the passage on the other side.

A preliminary investigation showed that strong winds played a role. But that was not the only cause, Rabei said. He does not rule out a human error or a technical cause.


In the canal, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea there are more than 320 ships waiting for the passage to be free. Even if the channel can be sailed again, it will take some time before the traffic jams are eliminated.

At least twenty of the ships waiting have live cattle on board, writes The Guardian. As far as we know, there is still enough water and food on board at the moment.

About 10% of world trade goes through the canal. Dozens of shipping companies that sail between Asia and Europe do not dare to bet that the blockade has disappeared quickly and let their ships make the detour around Cape of Good Hope near South Africa.


Boskalis-top man Peter Berdowski said yesterday in Nieuwsuur that two heavy tugs arrive at Ever Given this weekend, with a combined pull force of 400 tonnes.

Boskalis has been involved in the operation via Smit Salvage‘s daughter. Next week there will be a few days with high tide, said Berdowski. โ€œThe combination with the ships we have, with the ground that we have already been able to dredge away and the high tide, is hopefully enough to release the ship sometime early next week.โ€

If this fails, 600 containers will have to be removed from the front deck. โ€œThose six hundred containers must be lost again,โ€ says Berdowski. โ€œRight next to the ship, it’s just desert. So the disposal of these containers becomes a puzzle.โ€