Summer Day Podcast: if you live next to Tata Steel

In May, Tata Steel residents filed a mass charge against the steel company to stop the nuisance and pollution. Two residents of Tata Steel in IJmuiden told in podcast De Dag what it‘s like to live next to a factory that has been criticized for years for its nuisance and pollution.

For example, lung cancer is about 30 percent more common than in the rest of the Netherlands, and in some postal code areas even 50 percent. For Erwin Duin, just became a father, reason to leave. Sanne Walvisch doubts, but still lives in Wijk aan Zee. She’s one of the driving forces behind the big report against Tata.

The Day podcast is with summer break until August 23. Until then, every working day The Summer Day appears, which repeats a selection of striking conversations from the past few months.