Summer de Snoo talks about her own series

Summer de Snoo is only 11 years old and on her way to becoming a top model. A series has been made about her life, which can be seen online from tomorrow. Lucas went to see her to talk about it.

In the series, Summer doesn’t just show her model life. She is also followed at school and on her soccer team.

In the documentary you also see how she and her parents deal with all the criticism. A lot of people think that Summer is too young to do modeling already. They think that Summer is being pushed by her parents.

According to Summer, she didn’t. It’s really her dream to become a top model, she says.

Summer already signed model contracts in America and Italy. She also runs fashion shows for big brands and her pictures are in several magazines.

She has been interviewed many times. We also visited her earlier:

The documentary about Summer will be on Videoland from Tuesday. To see the series you have to have a subscription.