Sunday Cinema Room: 2400 Worlds for One Animation

3D artist Clinton pwnisher Jones in May announced The Alternate Realities CG trial for colleagues and enthusiasts. He put out a simple animation of the figure pulling a heavy load and invited everyone to show their fantasy by creating any scene with it. 2,400 works.

Of these, pwnisher chose the best hundred and put the videos together in an 11-minute video. There are also winners in the contest.

The first five spots were taken by Stephen Grimm (1:32), Klay Abele (0:22), Julienne Aldric (8:37), Stefan Frank (2:12) and Pierson Edwards (6:22). They received awards from 3D art equipment manufacturers, including Rokoko, Wacom, Quixel, PNY and Aftershokz.

For those who did not have enough hundreds created for a man with heavy cargo worlds, there is also a complete collection of participants works, grouped by theme. You will have to spend almost three hours watching them.

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