Sunday with Lubach stops, ‘current form is running into its limits’

Presenter Arjen Lubach is going to stop his satirical news program Sunday with Lubach on NPO 3. He writes that in his autobiography Stoorzender, which appears today. It is not known when the last episode will be aired.

“I think that the current form, that half an hour a week in which, in addition to a few current affairs, one major theme is central, is running up against its limits”, writes Lubach. “Not because we wouldn’t be able to do it anymore, but because everything you bring in that form (man in suit behind desk does newsreader after and gets excited with jokes) gets the same weight.”

According to the cabaret artist, there are only a limited number of subjects that lend themselves to “twenty minutes of anger and indignation”. He adds that he wants to stop at the climax and do other things, but likes to do them with the same team.

Speak of the day

Sunday with Lubach started in 2014 and was awarded the Golden Televizier-Ring in 2017. The VPRO programme counts as a viewing hit for the NPO. The twelfth season, with another ten episodes, starts halfway through next month. Whether that will also be the last season is not yet clear.

Lubach knows with his show regularly to become the talk of the day. For example, he managed to collect 300,000 signatures for a referendum on the Intelligence and Security Services Act, tried to seduce people to cancel their Facebook accounts and became internationally known by making a satirical introductory film about the Netherlands for the American president Trump.