Sunday with Lubach transfers almost 3 tons to Red Cross

Sunday with Lubach transferred 283,926 euros to the Red Cross after a fun T-shirt action earlier this year, reports a producer of the program on Twitter. The VPRO’s programme mocked the online platform Rumag, which also said it would raise money for the Red Cross with a T-shirt action.

Rumag sold a T-shirt with the imprint ‘’ ( for 24.95 euros, a text from the song Avond van Boudewijn de Groot (Evening of Baudouin the Great). The platform promised that part of the turnover would go to the Red Cross, but the magazine Quote calculated that Rumag also earned between 35,000 and 55,000 euros.

Furthermore the tv program accused Rumag of plagiarism, because Rumag would copy funny and striking (English) texts from other websites, translate them and use them commercially.

Commas instead of points

The makers of Sunday with Lubach came up with their own (cheaper) shirt with exactly the same text, only the points in the sentence were replaced by commas (‘I,believe,in,you,and,me’). The program promised that the entire proceeds of the T-shirt action would go to the Red Cross.

Because of the fuss, Rumag’s top man, Thijs van der Heide, resigned a few days after the broadcast. At first the platform said it did not recognize itself in the statements of Sunday with Lubach

Two weeks ago presenter Arjen Lubach announced that Sunday will stop with Lubach. He thinks there are only a limited number of subjects that lend themselves to “twenty minutes of anger and indignation”.