Sunken Kingdom Full of Treasure – Sea of Thieves Season Four Trailer

For the start of Season 4, Sea of Thieves developers from Rare presented with a fresh trailer telling us about upcoming updates. Players will be able to explore the Sunken Kingdom, full of pristine treasures and mysterious Sanctuaries, and earn valuable rewards for completing challenges in the latter. Enriched pirates will be able to take advantage of a new treasure storage system, the Merfolk Statues, where you can hide loot without fear of being picked up by other players surfaces.

Also hidden somewhere in the Sunken Kingdom is a rare and valuable treasure, the Breath of the Sea, which can be exchanged from any trade digging for great rewards. In addition, players will be able to get a lot of new cosmetics, weapons, ship parts, and more.

Recall that Season 4 starts on September 23, and Sea of Thieves itself is available. on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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