Super-de-Luxe stay: six hotels to dream away

Travelling isnt there for now, but luckily, you can always dream away. Well take you to the most beautiful places in the world. This week dream hotels with fabulous views and sumptuous luxury.

Glide in the lagoon

On the island of Medhufurul is the most beautiful accommodation of all dream hotels in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.

The 5-star Soneva Jani resort consists of 20 waterillas with a private pool, a waterslide that opens into the lagoon and a sunroof for stargazing. For those who are not enough, the resort also has a spa, water sports and diving centre, cinema, tennis court and butler service. One night in the smallest villa costs 4000 euros.

Other planet

Victoria Beckham, Justin Bieber and the Kardashians love to visit Amangiri. The super-de-luxury hotel is located very secluded in the rock desert in Canyon Point, Utah, United States. In 2019 Tijs Verwest, a.k.a. DJ Tiรซsto, joined the wedding boat here. The couple chose this location because of its silence and landscape, it almost feels like another planet. You can book a room from about 1000 euros per night.

Surrounded by animals

In the Okavango Delta, a nature reserve in the northwest of Botswana, stands Jao Camp. With five โ€œstandard roomsโ€ and two luxury villas with private pool and outdoor shower. Guests can make use of a private guide, cook and butler. The Okavango Delta is the ideal place to watch birds, because there are more than 400 species. You can also spot wild from your own raised terrace. Minimum 1050 euros per person per night.

On the shores of the blue-green Pehoe Lake, in the middle of the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, you will find the hotel Explora Patagonia.

The rooms may be less spectacular, but the view makes everything good. Overlooking the Torres del Paine massif and the Salto Chico waterfall, all around. Its like a painting!

Explora Patagonia has a heated pool, sauna and outdoor hot tubs. You can use forty (!) make several day trips through the surrounding area. In low season you pay from 1440 euros for three nights.

Ecoresort on private island

Five Star Ecoresort The Brando, named after former owner actor Marlon Brando, on private island of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia is the ideal place to float in the pool, enjoy nature or take a kayaking or diving trip. You can book a room from 3000 euros per night.

Ceiling pool

Ever seen a pool in the (partially) glass ceiling? Six Senses Zil Pasyon villas on the private island of Fรฉlicitรฉ in the Seychelles have it. The resort is so spacious that you will never suffer from other guests. In the super modern villas with ceiling high windows you (of course) lack nothing. Not to mention the surroundings and the views of the Indian Ocean… For a 6-person villa you pay at least 12,000 euros per night.