Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review

Corona time or not, for Nintendo, the party goes on at breakneck speed. With games, its also pretty simple: you spend something and make sure people can buy it. Mario celebrates its 35th anniversary with the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. Its cool to have three games, but sometimes it feels like a party set up a little too quickly.

What is it?

For 60 euros (or some shops are a bit too eager to take advantage of the scarcity and handle 70 euros) you can get three old Mario 3D games: Super Mario 64 (originally released on the Nintendo 64 in 1997), Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube, 2002) and Super Mario Galaxy (Wii, 2007). All these games are considered to be the best Mario games of all time. Why? Because players were given the freedom to walk around in 3D, to discover all sorts of things for themselves and to say hello to the linear 2D character of yesteryear.

In addition to the three games, accompanying soundtracks can be listened to, which is certainly pleasant. Because the tunes are a delight for the ears. Anyone who has seen the documentary High Score on Netflix knows how important a good soundtrack is for games. Furthermore, it is nice that you can now play all three games on the Switch. They support Joy-Con controls and rumble functionality. In addition, Super Mario Galaxy can now be played with a controller. Connecting a Pro Controller is a great way to relax.

Is it what?

The three games are essentially entertaining. The search for stars in various games and worlds never gets boring and is cool for newcomers. Marios acrobatic jumps regularly put a smile on the face and the three worlds have expanded considerably. Still, it has to be said that Super Mario Galaxy is the better of the three. Despite a graphic makeover, the first two games look quite blocky and you might as well dust off your old game consoles and plug them in, provided, of course, that you have them.

With Super Mario Galaxy, which is a genius game because of the gravity in the game, it is sometimes annoying that you keep falling back on old Wii options. The extra option of collecting stars with a second person also feels a bit outdated. It is an option from the past. Why hasnt a decent co-op just been added? Precisely because there is actually so little news to experience, one wonders why the magical 35 was waited for and these games could not be downloaded a long time ago for a reasonable price in eShop.

Of course, Super Mario 64 was the groundbreaking Mario game. After all, it was the first Mario game in 3D. The fact is that people have already managed to make the game look better, which makes you wonder why the collection doesnt just include Sunshine, the first Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Dont get us wrong: all three games are great. But its clear that Nintendo is sometimes a little too marketing-minded and doesnt think enough of its fans. The cry to bring Super Mario Galaxy to the Switch has existed for a long time and that wish could have been fulfilled much sooner.


+ 3 fairly long games

+ Soundtracks are included

+ To take along on the road


– The first two games look quite dated

– – Few innovations

Could have ended up in eShop earlier


Whether the collection should be purchased by people who can dream the games is therefore the question. Even though they have probably already pre-prepared the game. Nintendo is good at putting down a hype and the game is almost impossible to get hold of. Whether that is right, let us leave it at that. As far as we are concerned, the collection is mainly recommended for those who have never played Super Maro Galaxy. We love Mario, to the moon and back. But sometimes its good to wonder if it makes sense to open your wallet for yet another Nintendo party.