Super Seducer 3 was not allowed to release on Steam

A month ago, Richard la Ruina, author and ideologue of the Super Seducer series, reported that Steam had serious questions for Super Seducer 3. To release the game in Valve store, its authors should have introduced serious censorship in a number of aspects. As it turned out, the willingness of the game authors to cooperate and self-censorship did not help.

The game was completely removed from Steam, and its release is not allowed in any form. The main reason is called frankly sexual images of real people, on which FMV-simulator dating is based.

Richard la Ruina tried to appeal to the fact that the main gameplay is reduced just to dialogues, the game is openly broadcast on YouTube and Twitch and it is not objectionable there, and on Steam it was on the list of desired at 61,7 thousand players. But all these arguments Steam managers did not think to consider.

Earlier Super Seducer 3 received release waivers in Epic Games and CD Projekt stores. But the creators have some other ideas.

And first of all, they are going to cancel all the censorship edits and return the game to its original state. More on Gaming Praey for the Gods: the game is ready, certification passed, release postponed Creators Dragon Age published new art Authors Outriders updated demo game for all platforms.