“Superman and Lois” renewed for a second season after first episodes aired

The CW renewed Superman and Lois for a second season almost immediately after the premiere of the second episode of the first. This is one of the fastest solutions of this kind for new series – in 2014 the channel confidently extended for the second season of Flash, but it happened only two weeks later After the premier. Previously Superman and Lois ordered additional episodes of the first season, but it seems that the superiors‘ confidence in the project was even stronger than it seemed at first.

The premiere of the new superhero show was a hit for the channel, showcasing the best featured for The CW’s primetime series over the past two years. In addition, it garnered the largest audience of viewers of the day on streaming services.

The most interesting thing is that the new series was also positively received by viewers – the ratings of the premiere series of the project are much higher than that of all neighboring superhero series The CW. Plus in the first episodes, fans discovered a bunch of references to other stories about Superman.

The project became a 13 series from The CW‘s list of newly renewed projects — previously new seasons received Walker, Batwoman and others. More on Gambling Netflix is working on the first animated series on Asterix and Obelix Sale at PS Store: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Black Ops Cold War and Death Stranding Sony started a large-scale distribution of Ratchet & Clank – the game became absolutely free.