Supers and gas stations fear curfew: ‘It gets exciting’

There is great uncertainty at supermarkets and petrol stations now that the Cabinet is likely to announce a curfew on Wednesday.

โ€œ It is exciting and we are in consultation with the government on a number of scenarios,โ€ says a spokesman for the Central Food Office, the supermarket association. โ€œIt is important that we can continue working in our distribution centres. The same applies to the shops, where after closing the shelves must be refilled. And online delivery is also of great importance. We hope to get a waiver for that.โ€

Vital sector

Chairman Ewout Klok of Interest Association Gas Stations (Beta) hopes that the petrol stations can remain open. โ€œWe are a vital sector and we are constantly in consultation with the steps we need to take. We want to remain open to the care, the caregivers and the emergency services. But if that doesnt pay off, there will always be the unmanned petrol stations.โ€