Supervisor sees almost no ‘plofkip’ in the supermarket anymore

In the supermarket, the supply of sustainable chicken is greater than ever. The Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) concludes from its own research that the so-called ‘plofkip‘ chicken has almost completely disappeared from the shelves.

The market share of chicken with an independent quality mark has almost doubled in the period 2014-2018. Consumers are increasingly opting for chicken with, for example, the Beter Leven Keurmerk (Better Life Quality Mark), according to the regulator.

According to ACM, such labels have played a major role in the choice of companies and supermarkets to switch to more sustainable chicken meat. “The ACM encourages the use of such labels to further improve the sustainability of the food chain,” says CEO Martijn Snoep.

According to the watchdog, the investigation shows that supermarkets do not necessarily have to make anti-competitive agreements in order to achieve more sustainable chicken on the shelves.