Supplements the day after tomorrow continue, Cabinet finds figures good enough

The cabinet does not press the pause button and with that the announced eases of the coronare rules start on Wednesday. That is the outcome of consultations this morning between relevant ministers and experts. โ€œWhat we see in the figures is a good decline,โ€ says demissionary minister De Jonge. โ€œIt is above all an effect of vaccination.โ€

This means, among other things, that so-called flow-through locations outside, such as amusement parks and zoos, can be reopened under conditions. They are allowed to allow one person per 10 square meters. Indoor spaces on these grounds, such as an attraction or an animal house inside, are not allowed to open.

Sports and more

In addition, gyms and indoor pools can be reopened. Up to thirty people are allowed in at once. The changing rooms and showers should stay close to gyms, while swimming pools you can change in the dressing room. Also allowed outside sports in team weather, but 1.5 meters away. Young people up to and including 26 years of age are allowed to play outdoor sports together without keeping distance.

Music and dance schools are also opened, for lessons with up to two people and a teacher. Larger group classes are not allowed except for 18 minners. All liaison professions are allowed again, so sex workers are also allowed to get back to work. Rental locations for outdoor recreational activities can also be opened so that boats can be rented again.

And on Wednesday, the urgent advice to use public transport for necessary trips expires. The new advice will be: travel as much as possible in quiet moments.

Terraces and library

The simplifications are covered by step 2 of the opening plan of the Cabinet. Outside of this plan, the opening hours on terraces will be extended to 06.00-20.00 hours. Now thats 12.00-18.00 hours. In addition, in the coronadebat in the House last week it was agreed that libraries can also be opened again.

The envisaged starting date of step 2 was originally May 12, but this was previously postponed by the Cabinet for at least a week because the hospitalizations did not decrease yet.

Last week, demissionary Prime Minister Rutte said at the Coronapers Conference that the easing would take place this week, provided the figures continue to fall. โ€œThats why its easing with a pause button.โ€ The figures are falling faster and faster in the past, as evidenced yesterday by figures from the RIVM.

This week the last paid football matches of the season can also be present again, but only with access tests. These are games in the play-offs for European football and for promotion and degradation. They are played from Wednesday to Sunday.

The next step in the opening plan can be taken – as it now looks – in three weeks, says Minister De Jonge. This includes more people receiving at home, flow-through locations inside and restaurants. โ€œBut if the decline goes very fast, it may be sooner.โ€

The Cabinet also thinks about easing education. This weekend there will be an OMT opinion on this issue and next week the Cabinet will take a decision.

See here the announcement by foreign minister De Jonge: