Support for CDAer Omtzigt increases after whisper campaign

There is a support campaign under way for Pieter Omtzigt. In recent days, media reports have appeared in which party members of the school clap about the CDA member of parliament. The number 2 of the Christian Democrats only recently took place because he is overworked.

Anonymous sources told De Cceit, among other things, that there was โ€œprojectiles flying through the roomโ€ and โ€œcryingโ€ and to HP/De Tuid a source told that it is โ€œheavily incitedโ€ to damage Omtzigt.

Within the party, the call for support is now beginning to sound. The CDA network Midvoor wants to start a map action from local and regional departments. โ€œAfter all the negative news in the media, Pieter desperately needs such a positive signal from the supportersโ€, says in an email from Midvoor. Another party related initiative calls on people to support Omtzigt online.

Diseases leaking

Dave Ensberg of Midvoor explains why he supports Omtzigt. โ€œYou‘re not going to leak someone’s syndromes to the press. That‘s ugly, cowardly and stupid.โ€ He finds the actions directed against Omtzigt non-Christian democratic. โ€œNovers in distress, you’ll help them.โ€

There are also individual CDA people who are stirring. For example, Bouwien Rutten, former group chairman of CDA Overijssel, today canceled her membership and says that former MP Jan Mastwijk also plays with that idea.

Omtzigt also receives support from outside his party. For example, SP MP Renske Leijten, who joined Omtzigt in exposing the childcare supplement affair, writes on Twitter: โ€œWhispering campaigns are disgusting. Omtzigt does not deserve this.โ€

Omtzigt went down a month ago, because he said he had taken too much hay on his fork. โ€œThe past year was eventful, with many difficult, important, time-consuming files. And yes, then sometimes rest is also necessary and effective,โ€ he wrote then.

In the campaign Omtzigt was therefore little in the picture and even after the election results he did not return. โ€œThe recovery will cost me longer,โ€ he said last week. As a result, Omtzigt was not present at the first group meeting of the CDA, the day after the elections.

Last year Omtzigt applied for the CDA list attraction and lost the election to Hugo de Jonge. After that, he became the number 2 behind Wopke Hoekstra, when he took over the list attraction.

Until recently, there was not much to hear from the CDA itself about the absence of Omtzigt. This afternoon there was a tweet from the board in which the member of parliament is warmly wished to get better.