Support for Koeman, fear of Real: ‘The emir of Qatar must put everything on the table’

The media storm around Ronald Koeman has been lying down and Joan Gaspart thinks this is good news. The former FC Barcelona chairman expresses support for the teased trainer.
Barรงa lost just before the international break to Atlรฉtico Madrid and the fate of the then suspended Koeman seemed sealed. However, the former national coach of Orange is still in the saddle, although according to angry tongues, this is mainly due to his high redemption price. Gaspart โ€” the preses at Camp Nou between 2000 and 2003 โ€” is confident that Koeman can still take the turn around. โ€œI trust that: he loves the club and he does a great job,โ€ he tells Radio Marca. โ€œIf he has his entire selection back together, its going to be fine.โ€
That club icon Xavi announced this week
to be open to anything has not escaped Gaspart either. โ€œBut I dont see it happening that Xavi is already a trainer. Barcelona appreciates Koeman and doesnt want to replace him. Its best for all parties if he continues.โ€
However, the competition does not stand still: Real Madrid was already close to bringing in Kylian Mbappรฉ, who started his last year of contract at Paris Saint-Germain last summer. โ€œIm afraid hes still going, because hes one of the best players in the world,โ€ Gaspart says. โ€œI hope the emir of Qatar puts on the table what no one else can put on the table and keeps him with PSG for years to come.โ€