Support for Schmidt after saying about Ajax: Its just getting tougher

Bjรถrn van der Doelen defends PSV trainer Roger Schmidt, who once again referred to the difference in budget with Ajax after the defeat to Willem II. The German didnt think it was surprising that the Amsterdam title competitor wins his duels more easily.
โ€œIt might say Ajax has a lot more budget than PSV. If you have internationally experienced top players, it
s a bit easier,โ€ Schmidt said. Van der Doelen does not look up to that statement. โ€œIts just about poen,โ€ he says in the Skiete Willy Podcast by Football International.
Van der Doelen sees Ajax raking into the millions in the Champions League. โ€œThe fear I have is that if Ajax moves further away from PSV financially, the difference is also too big. It
s just getting harder and harder.โ€
That doesnt mean that PSVs board has to throw the head in the lap. โ€œAnd rightly so, because PSV will fight for what its worth hooking up. Thats what they have to do. Thats why everyone speaks out that it wants to be a champion. But the reality is that if there isnt enough money coming in, youll get it harder every year. The gap is widening,โ€ says Van der Doelen.