Support for Steam Workshop added to ‘devastating’ Teardown simulator

A few months ago, TuxedoLabs, a studio consisting of actually one developer, released tools to create their own levels in the Teardown robbery simulator. And now announced the start of support for the workshop of custom modifications Steam Workshop. The game workshop has already more than a hundred mods for a voxel sandbox with complete destruction.

And to make it easier for beginners to understand, the creators of the game selected several of the best levels, in their opinion. Among them is a kind of gunnery simulator Cannonball Minigame, a graveyard of cars and shooting range featuring railstron from Quake II.

TearDown came into early Steam access in October 2020 and quickly became popular. More than 90% of players recommend it for purchase.

And this weekend you can buy it at a discount, for 399 rubles. In early access, the game must stay until the end of the year.

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