Support measures for start-ups, compensation for fixed charges

Recently started entrepreneurs can also benefit from the support measures provided by the Cabinet. That is one of the elements of a new package, which is being presented this afternoon. Starters have often been out of the boat so far, because a lot of support is based on figures from before March last year, for the coronacrisis.

Companies that did not exist at that time or had not made turnover were therefore not eligible. Starters will also open the ticket office from April. They can receive an allowance in their fixed expenses, based on their turnover in the third quarter of last year.

Furthermore, in general, the level of subsidy in fixed charges increases. Now the maximum fee for companies is 70 percent. That‘s 80 percent or more. The remuneration for companies remaining with unused stocks will also be increased.

Guarantee Fund events

The government also wants to set up a guarantee fund for events. The idea behind this is that events can be planned again for the summer. If these do not continue, the government will pay the costs incurred.

The relevant ministers Koolmees, Hoekstra and Van’t Wout (Economic Affairs, the successor to the Wiebes deceased last week) will announce the details of the measures this afternoon. They are now finalising and negotiating, so things can still change. It is said to be a package of at least EUR 4.5 billion.

A new aid package was announced last week when the lockdown was extended. Prime Minister Rutte said that companies closed overnight should ‘simply be able to count on support’.

He called it a question of decency and solidarity. The Cabinet has recently consulted intensively with industry organisations and employers and employees about the new package.