Supporters ADO Den Haag shut down competition: ‘KNVB Mafia! ‘

ADO Den Haag supporters protested during the game against FC Den Bosch. The arbitration has temporarily shut down the contest.
A few minutes after the first whistle, ADO supporters threw fireworks onto the field. That happened from the Middle North, where the fanatical supporter sits. A banner was also visible with the text ‘KNVB mafia’ and ‘they can take our points, but never our proude’, a clear reference to the points sentences ADO has received because the budget is not in order.
In a 0-0 stand, referee Robin Hensgens had to interrupt the game due to the protest of the ADO fans. It resumed shortly after the stadium speaker asked supporters to stop.
ADO received two points penalty this season and a third hangs the club over head. If the club fails to file a closing budget by Monday, a third sentence is likely to wait.