Supporters after Rutte: You dont get the emotion out of football

Not shouting, cheering and singing in the stadiums proved difficult for football supporters last weekend. According to Prime Minister Rutte, the solution is simple, he told RTL News this afternoon. “Just shut up when you sit there and watch the match. And don’t shout.”

One of the stadiums where things went wrong is De Kuip. “Feyenoord understands the Prime Minister’s frustration with the rising figures”, says spokesman Raymond Salomon. “All football clubs share this frustration, because the pandemic is also hitting us hard

According to the Rotterdam club, an ‘unprecedented’ number of stewards had already been deployed last weekend, almost 400 out of around 13,000 supporters. That many stewards are normally only there when the stadium is sold out to the last seat.

On top of that, extra stewards will be deployed this weekend. “These teams will step up their efforts to ensure good observance of the other hall rule, specifically in areas where things did not go well last Sunday,” says Salomon. The club also emphatically calls once again on supporters to fully comply with the RIVM rules during their visit to De Kuip.

Against all the rules, fans of Feyenoord and PSV cheered exuberantly at goals:

PSV was also mentioned as one of the clubs where things went wrong and press secretary Thijs Slegers thinks this is crazy. “We had an evaluation after Saturday‘s match with the municipality of Eindhoven, of which the mayor is also chairman of the Safety Region. And that evaluation gave us more than enough. You never get a 10, there were also points for attention, but not in terms of cheering. Satisfaction prevailed

Uncharted work

According to Remco Ravenhorst, chairman of the supporters’ association De Feijenoorder, it is ‘impossible work’ to carry out the rule of not shouting in the stadium anytime and anywhere.

“You don’t get the emotion out of football. People come to the stadium because they feel more than average. If your club is tied up and you miss three big chances in the last few minutes, as happened yesterday, then you have lost it for a moment”

According to Ravenhorst, it doesn‘t matter how much information you give about the corona rules. “When it comes down to it, you will always keep it. We have to be realistic about that

Jacco van Leeuwen of the supporters’ association Haagse Bluf also feels the same way. “Of course, yesterday there was occasional singing to Groningen. That cannot be stopped He also saw the supporters who were too close to each other. But both Van Leeuwen and the club point out that there were boys between 14 and 17 years old in the profession. “In other words, with a low risk of infection

Rutte‘s comment does not bother him very much. “I hear worse things in The Hague than ‘shut up‘. But I don’t know if these kinds of words suit the Prime Minister.

That is what the Prime Minister himself said. This afternoon he said to the CCeit that he still supports the message, ‘but I should not have shouted’.

Afterwards, the Prime Minister was not so happy with what he said about football supporters.

Belgium also has to contend with supporters who do not comply with the corona rules in the stadiums. This weekend, for example, this happened at the home match of Racing Genk against KV Mechelen. The Belgian Sports Minister Ben Weyts has imposed sanctions. Next weekend Genk will have to reduce the number of spectators by half.

Working towards full(er) stadiums’

According to the KNVB, punishment is never the first step when it comes to enforcement. Supporters are called to account for violations and punishment is at most a stick. This is also reflected in the protocol Safe Startup Paid Football, which the KNVB drew up for the clubs. The role of safety staff in the stadium is shifting to informing and guiding. “Escalation and the need for physical contact is highly undesirable According to the Football Association, enforcement in the stadiums lies with the clubs and the security regions.

“In the end we have to work together towards full(er) stadiums and that just goes a lot faster if everyone is disciplined with the rules”, says spokesman Daan Schippers. “It is in the interest of football, in the interest of the clubs and in the interest of the supporters that everyone in the stadiums adheres to the rules”