‘Supreme prosecutor has had a relationship with lawyer Epstein’

A former relationship between an Epstein lawyer and a prosecutor of the Ministry of Justice was not reported during the investigation of Epstein in 2007 and 2008, where it should have been. As evidenced by internal justice investigation, the Sun reports.

Lilly Ann Sanchez was a member of Epsteins law team in 2008, when Epstein waited a possible conviction and life sentence for abusing underage girls. She helped Epsteins notorious sweetheart deal, with only 13 months in prison.

Now it turns out that Sanchez dated Matthew Menchel in the past, who worked as a Florida prosecutor on the Epstein deal. The relationship between the two came to light through internal investigations by the Ministry of Justice, which had started several months ago to investigate the Epstein deal. Only a summary of the report has been published to date. However, one source told the New York Daily News that the full report shows that Sanchez and Menchel had a couple of weeks in 2003. They both worked for Florida justice at the time. However, they would have paused their relationship for a while because of conflicting interests.

Sanchez left justice some time later and became part of Epsteins defense team in 2007, when he was under attack for the abuse of underage girls. Menchel was at that time the head of the criminal department and worked on the agreement between the billionaire abuse and the justice system. In the investigation of justice it is concluded that Menchel should disclose his previous relationship with Sanchez to prosecutor Alexander Acosta. In that case, he would have been removed from the case.

The general conclusion of the investigation on the deal was that there may be poor judgement, but there was no violation of laws. This conclusion could already count on strong criticism, because it had no further consequences for those involved.