Supreme Schulting picks third European all-round title in a row

There was no size on shorttrack star Suzanne Schulting at the European Championships in Gdansk, Poland. After having grabbed the European title on Saturday at the 1.500 and 500 meters, the Dutch Sunday afternoon was also the strongest in the 1,000 meter.

After that distance, she was also sure of her third European all-round title in a row.

Penalty in closing superfinals

In the closing superfinals, Schulting tried to help compatriot Selma Poutsma to get the gold by giving her a boost, but that both came to a penalty.

Schultings biggest competitor in the general classification, Natalia Malizewska, lost her chances of winning the all-round title already in the quarter-finals of the 1,000 meter. The Polish received a yellow card and thus could not earn points for the ranking.

Check out the reactions of Suzanne Schulting and Selma Poutsma after the 1.000 meter.

Schulting himself won her quarterfinal at the 1,000 meter and then also her semi-final, with force majeure. Xandra Velzeboer and Poutsma also reached the semi-finals. Both ended up in their heat second.

Val Velzeboer

For Velzeboer, the semi-finals were the final station. The 19-year-old short track star fell in her heat, which was also Poutsma. Poutsma marched after the crash, came second across the finish line and secured a final place.

In the A-finals, Poutsma grabbed the silver. The bronze medal on the 1,000 meters went to Seidel.