Suriname court martial condemnation Bouterse: 20 years in jail for December murders

The Surinamese court-martial has once again sentenced former President Desi Bouterse to 20 years in jail for his role in the December murders. Bouterse opposed the 2019 court-martial ruling, but it now comes to the same conclusion as it was at the time. According to court-martial, no new facts have come to the table.

Bouterses conviction is not final. There is still an appeal against the ruling. Bouterses attorney Irvin Kanhai has already announced that it will appeal.

The resistance case was dealt with by the same judges who also convicted Bouterse at first instance, but the appeal will be dealt with by the Court of Justice.

As with the previous ruling, when he was still president, Bouterse was not present. He had reported ill this time. The court-martial has not ordered the capture of Bouterse, reports the Surinamese website Starnews.